I believe children should be served fresh, home made foods whenever possible. The meals and snacks I provide always containt fruits or vegetables or a combination of both. I prepare my menus, which are always posted in the daycare, in accordance with theĀ Canadian Food Guide.

I will try my best to provide opportunities for children to aid in the preparation of the food served. This allows the children to see where their foods come from, how it is prepared and how to make healthy food choices. I prepare two snacks as well as lunch for all of the children and I encourage children to try new foods but will never force a child to eat. If a child will not eat what is served, they will have to wait until the next mealtime to eat.

I have an extensive knowledge of food based allergies and intolerances and will tailer the menu according to the needs of all of the children and will do my best to accomodate any special requests made by parents.