At Happy Home Child Care I ensure that positive experiences are provided to support and enhance each child’s self esteem through use of language. I acknowledge and help children express a range of emotions through language. Children are encouraged to talk about their feelings as a means of conflict resolution. 

Children are individuals and should be treated as such. This is reflected in the learning environment I provide and how I interact with each child. I try to provide a variety of hands on learning experiences throughout the day that will appeal to all children. I do this through offering self exploration activities, teacher led activities, group activities as well as one on one activities. In my interactions with the children, I try to tailor how I interact with each child within their own comfort level and personal interests. To do this, I retain knowledge of the interests of each child and their individual needs at all times. 

I am a partner with parents in the caring for their children, therefore I have an open door policy and encourage parents to ask questions and voice any concerns regarding the care of their child. I will do my best to accommodate the individual needs and desires of each parent as it pertains to their child. I maintain and respect confidentiality at all tiems and will never discuss your child with another parent. 

Caring for children is my passion, and therefore I strive for excellence in my daily interactions with all children, including my own.